Adonis Golden Ratio Workout Guide – Learn the Best Weight Lifting Exercises Online

gI_114753_Adonis_Golden_Ratio_Review[1]In the present day and age, the image of a person is often solely constructed based on the way he looks. Thousands of workout and diet programs have been launched that claim to be able to help people attain the perfect shape that looks attractive, appealing and boasts their self-confidence. So, what exactly is so special about the Adonis Golden Ratio Workout Guide that makes it one of the most popular workout training plans?

The Adonis Golden Ratio Workout plan was launched by trainer Kyle Leon. The workout is based on the ‘golden ratio’, or pi (1.618) which occurs throughout nature, and which also happens to be the ratio of the shoulders to the waist of a healthy human male. According to John Barban, the human male body is genetically designed to be in this ratio, and as such, females are naturally attracted towards men whose bodies are the closest to this ratio. Moreover, once you attain this ratio, it becomes much easier to stay on a constant weight and develop lean muscle mass, as the body is in its most natural and healthy state. Also, the further away you are from this ratio, the more difficult it is to attain a healthy equilibrium in the body or gain any muscle mass, no matter how much protein you intake. So the entire plan focuses on bringing the body to as close to this ratio as possible.

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Sounds good so far. But how does this exactly work? The program consists of a 12-week plan, divided into three 4-week cycles. Initially, the trainee’s Adonis Index (your shoulder to lower-waist ratio) is measured. Followed by that, a workout plan is devised, consisting of exercises, sets and reps based entirely on your Adonis Index. The plan also walks you through which exercises you have to completely avoid, and how to create the fastest fat loss and gain lean muscle while maintaining a perfect hormonal balance – all based on your personal Adonis Index. The plan also helps you devise a personalized diet chart according to your body type and requirements.

The things that make the Adonis Golden Ratio Workout better than most plans out there is that the program is completely personalized and very easy to follow. It includes the best weight lifting exercises and explains them at every step. Understanding your workouts help you make your own programs to fit your requirements in the future. It also completely avoids heavy dead weight lifting and abdominal crunches that are known to increase abdominal fat and risks of injury. The program comes with free weight training routines and the variety of exercises and diet choices make it simple to follow.3VJNFmJ[1]nFQjVm0[1]

The only drawback of this program is that since the exercises are meant for serious changes in body shape, some people might find them quite tough to work with initially. But since it is based on a very solid foundation of scientific analysis and years of study, and is absolutely risk free for anyone following the steps carefully. If you want to get a healthy and attractive body and build some lean muscle mass, this just might be the breakthrough program that you have been waiting for! Go to the Home Page.



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